• 13Oct
    A look at Sigfox, LoRa, NB-IoT - wireless transmission technologies for the Internet of Things

    Wireless communication technology is the foundation of the Internet of Things (IoT), and as smart city applications become popular, new technologies are emerging to capture the IoT market. Among the LPWAN technologies, LoRa, Sigfox and NB-IoT are the most popular, what are the advantages of each of these three technologies in the IoT trend? Who is the best partner in your field of expertise? The I...

  • 12Oct
    Why upgrade your TRV to a smart radiator thermostat?

    The standard thermostatic radiator valve (TRV) can improve comfort and save energy by allowing you to adjust the temperature of the radiator. This is usually a manual system that allows you to change the heating level on a scale of 0-5. But what if you could have more control over your radiators, for example being able to set specific temperatures in different rooms? That's where the smart radiato...

  • 09Oct
    Can algorithms influence intelligent heating systems more?

    Smart heating systems are very complex and require a sophisticated design for temperature adjustment and multi-zone control. Algorithms, the basic processes and rules for performing calculations, are an integral part of this technology. But, in the future, will algorithms play a bigger role in smart heating devices and energy efficiency? How are they currently being used by smart heating systems? ...

  • 28Sep
    How to Control your Heating with Google Home Assistant

    Integrating a smart thermostat such as Heatcold with a Google Home device to enable voice-activated thermostat control is easy. Once connected, simply ask Google Assistant to turn the heat on, change the settings, or check what the temperature is in any room. After that, you can let your Google Home thermostat do other things. How to set up voice activation with your smart device and Google Assist...

  • 22Sep
    Is it worth buying a smart radiator thermostat?

    heatcold's Smart Radiator Thermostats (also known as Smart TRVs) are a simple and affordable way to upgrade your heating controls. They are more convenient and simpler to adjust than traditional TRVs, and can lead to a more energy-efficient home. But today, we're going to answer a few simple questions: are they worth the initial investment and why? What are smart TRVs and how do they work? Smart r...

  • 17Sep
    How Heat Pumps Work

    This may sound counter-intuitive - heat equipment for cooling? While heat pumps can be used for heating, it's true! A heat pump is an HVAC system that moves warm air from one place to another, usually from the air in your home to the air at your doorstep. Therefore, depending on the season, the direction of the moving air can change. This in turn provides a cooling effect for your home in the summ...

  • 07Sep
    What are the advantages and disadvantages of high-voltage smart thermostats?

    The high-pressure smart thermostat can adjust the high-pressure heating system and connect to Wi-Fi networks and compatible mobile apps. High-pressure thermostats, also called line thermostats, are often used with floor heaters, forced fan heaters and convectors, and radiant ceiling heaters. Below is more information about what these devices must provide. The working principle of a high-pressure t...

  • 26Aug
    2021 smart home thermostat buying advice

    How to find the best product in the smart home thermostat test As soon as summer is over, autumn is almost here, the weather turns cooler, and it's time to warm up. Heating costs account for a large part of operating costs. With a heating thermostat, you can adjust the temperature and ensure that all rooms are warm and pleasant. It is more convenient to control heating through a smart thermostat. ...

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