Radiant floor heating and skirting heating: what is the difference?

Jul 15 , 2021

Electric underfloor heating has become very popular in Europe, not just among the rich. Once you experience the luxurious comfort of heated floors, your first reaction may be: "I want to be in my house!" However, these options can be confusing. As we all know, soleplate heating is not expensive, but is it the right solution? Advances in radiant floor heating technology have made underfloor systems affordable for most homeowners, so maybe this is a better approach?

Answering the following questions will help:

Do you need to replenish heat in a specific area, or are you looking for a system that can effectively heat the entire home?
Can you replace the existing floor or must it be installed?

Radiant floor heating and skirting heating have their own advantages and disadvantages. After all, comfort, efficiency, and long-term operating costs should guide your decision.

What is radiant floor heating?

Radiant floor heating uses a series of heating cables laid under the finished floor to provide quiet, safe and evenly distributed thermal blankets throughout the room through convection and radiation. Unlike traditional HVAC devices that blow hot air around the room and all the dust and allergens in the air, electric radiant heat does not require noisy fans or any mechanical equipment to move the heat. The hot air rises naturally from the floor surface while heating the entire room without leaving uncomfortable cold spots.

The electrical system is the most popular underfloor heating option, usually done by professionals, but experienced weekend warriors can handle the installation. Most of the required materials can be shipped to your local distributor, depending on the size of the job, it can be completed within 1-2 days.

The process involves installing heating pads on the subfloor as a guide for passing the wires. Before covering the mats and wires with levelling cement, you need to use the meter to make sure the cable connections are intact. After drying, you can install the decorative surface floor, connect the system to the GFCI circuit, and you are done.

Compared with other types of heating, electric radiant floor heating has many advantages:

1. It uses less energy. The entire room is heated evenly from the beginning, and less energy is required to reach the optimal temperature.
2. There is no cold spot.
3. Since there is no pipeline, the energy loss is very small.
4. Compared with the conventional system, the room heats up faster and the temperature is lower.
5. Because of these efficiencies, long-term operating costs are reduced.
6. Some can use solar power to make them environmentally friendly.
7. It is an excellent substitute for people with allergies.
8. The system is silent.
9. Normally no maintenance is required.
10. The radiation system is 25% more efficient than the forced ventilation system.
11. They can heat the whole family.
12. Radiant heating can be used outside the house to help keep driveways, sidewalks, and roofs free of ice and snow.
13. The programmable thermostat further reduces the unnecessary running time on the system.
14. No plumbing work is required.


The main disadvantage of an underfloor radiant system is that your existing floor needs to be replaced so that a new grid can be installed. If you are finishing a renovation, this is actually a benefit because the floor will be replaced anyway.
The average cost in the United States is $11-30 per square foot, depending on the system selected and local labor prices. When the system is installed on an insulating board with a tile or stone finish, operating costs are optimized. However, electric radiant floor heating systems will work under most floor coverings.

Compare the common points of radiant floor heating and skirting heating

These two heating methods have something in common: they provide homeowners with the autonomy to choose which areas of the house to heat. Both are silent and will not disturb the surrounding air due to inhalation of allergens and dust.

However, the similarities end here. When you consider its long-term benefits, electric floor radiant heat is much superior to electric baseboards in all aspects:

Even heat distribution
Economical and safe operation
Completely invisible
No maintenance
Add value to your home
Whether you are building a new home or remodeling a house, geothermal radiation is the best choice for efficiency and comfort.

Where to buy supplementary heating solutions

Heatold is the world's best-selling supplier of electric floor heating thermostats, and has been an innovator in the floor heating and electric radiation industry for more than ten years. They simplify the installation process and provide comfortable radiant floor heating for most homeowners.

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